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Storror Parkour- ELA Worn By Drew
Causeineedit- Autumn Release
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Odd Future Talk- NRK x ELA Pyramid
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Vibe- 12 London Brands You Should Know
Fashion Beans- Brand Introduction
Helios Style- ELA Feature
SWGNT- Paradise/Sanctity Feature
SCOUT Australia- DIY Online Streetwear
Roberts and White- Photoshoot Update
Front Magazine- Cristal Collection Part Deux
Rizzle Kicks Live In Liverpool- Harley Of Rizzle Kicks Wearing An ELA Aztec Shirt
Jade Dragon Hip Star Music Video- Mikill Pane Wearing An ELA Perplex Shirt
Nobody Really Knows- Indie Fest Interview With Pyramid Vritra Wearing ELA
Front Magazine- Cristal Collection Pt.1 Coverage
F256- Product Review
F256- Brand Introduction
Front Magazine- Exclusive Photoshoot Release
Front Magazine- Autumn Collection Release
Curbside Jones Documentary- Exit Left Apparel Mention
Britannia Culture- Interview With JW
Tee Hunter- Brand Introduction And Autumn Coverage
So So Yeah- Brand Introduction
Mjukt- Brand Introduction
Tee Hunter- Style Guide 2011 Featuring ELA
Future Label- Brand Introduction
Future Label- Original? Sweatshirt Review
Threads TV- Brand Introduction
Street Strada- Brand Introduction
The Cool Fashion- Brand Introduction And Interview
Grafi-Tee France- Brand Introduction
Tshirt Addiction- Brand Introduction
Hejty Slovenia- Brand Introduction
Deer Brains- Brand Introduction And Shirt Review
Plenty Vibes- Brand Introduction
Exit Left Apparel- MMXI Promotional Video
Front Magazine- Printed 'Essentials' Advert
The Petersfield Post- Article/Interview About Exit Left Apparel and Jonny
Death Stare Magazine- Competition Coverage
Death Stare Magazine- MMXI Photobook
Death Stare Magazine- Last Days Of Summer Photobook
RockSound Magazine- Futures In Studio Wearing ELA
Strong Island- Brand Introduction
SoLifestyle New York- Brand Introduction
The Best Kept Sweden- Brand Preview
La Republica Mexico- Brand Introduction
It's Edie Not Eddie- Brand Introduction