Welcome to Exit Left Apparel

We pride ourselves on being a brand that has built a community around its products. Exit Left Apparel would be nothing were it not for the amazing people who have supported it. Whether you’ve been with us since day one, or you have only just found us, ELA has always been about family, and everyone is welcome to join.

Our journey started when we realised we were choosing between over-priced products that had no passion behind them and items that lacked any sort of individuality. That wasn’t a choice we wanted to make for any longer, so we did something about it. Our first run of shirts consisted of only three designs. Since then we have released over one hundred and fifty products.

While we may have started in the South of England, over the past few years we have spread out across the world. Our clothes have been worn in all environments, and are designed to accompany you on any adventure that you wish to embark upon.

We have two key values that have stayed the same since ELA began; keep learning, keep striving. These values filter through into everything that we do as a brand. There is always more to experience in life so why waste time. We aim to make the most of every day, and we ensure that our products reflect this.

Creating products that people love has always been our ambition and we hope that you will find something we have made that you can’t wait to own. We want to keep building ELA and growing this amazing community around it, so take a look at what we do, and let us know what you think. We would love to hear from you.

Exit Left Apparel is an alliance. It's us and you.